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It could be said that Whitby is most famously known for two things: Dracula and Jet.

This amazing piece of jet was found some years ago on the Whitby coast. It is now owned by prestigious jewellers Hamonds of Whitby.   You can only imagine how many pieces of gorgeous jet jewellery might have been made from this.Hamond Whitby Jet LogMost recently, and closer to home, the piece in the image below was found on a local beach.  The lucky person who found it thought it might just be a big lump of coal.  Fortunately, before putting it on the fire, he brought it into Mark Lloyd when he had his Mobeus shop to ask for his opinion.  It was confirmed to be a piece of jet weighing over 7K!


This piece of jet began life over 186 million years ago as a tree similar to the monkey puzzle tree before it was burned and fossilised.  In this specimen you  can even see some of the fossils which were laid down at the same time when this tree started its journey.  Who’d have thought that millions of years later, carved and polished by craftsmen,  it would be turned into the gorgeous semi-precious gemstone jewellery we know today.

We believe this jet was taken to a workshop in Whitby but there our knowledge of its story ends.  We presume it was turned into quite a collection of jewellery; perhaps even like the handmade pieces we stock in our shop on York Road which we are selling on behalf of Hamond of Whitby.  

Healing Powers of Jet

Apparently jet can help the wearer to remove negative energies.  This is perhaps why it is known as the best stone for healing grief.  Maybe this, and its intensely dark colour, is why it was so popular with Queen Victoria.

Some say jet has excellent healing properties, including pain relief for headaches and migraines.  Though we cannot vouch  personally for these claims do let us know if you have some success.

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It’s worth remembering that H Lamb has long been known as `the place to go’ when you want a special piece of jewellery.  Mark Lloyd Jewellers continues to be known for quality pieces.  Before Mark made a name for himself as a talented independent jeweller he learned his trade years ago as an apprentice at Lambs.  Master Goldsmith Mark Lloyd is now a leading light in the world of independent jewellery design both at home and abroad, first as Mobeus and now Mark Lloyd Jewellery. 



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