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early engraving


(though we’re not so sure about the brain surgery)


Nick works behind the scenes helping customer designs to progress from vision to reality.  For his specialist engraving he uses computer aided technology sometimes from the customer’s own ideas or designs.  “I look after the more technical services.  I do love the challenge and making our customers smile!”  He can create a design from a loose remit or photograph – one customer almost wept when she was presented with one of his designs – a broach of her beloved dog.

From basic engraving onto pendants, rings, watches and trophies to bespoke pieces, he uses a number of techniques and `toys’ to make his customer’s dreams come true.

He uses 3d modelling with his Gravograph toy with a view to engraving straight to metal for an individual `bespoke’ piece, or to create a master copy in wax with a view to making multiple copies.

Nick can engrave onto metal, acrylic or glass.  During this process he might use a `diamond drag’ technique. This process scores and presses the design into the metal to form the engraving. 

Another technique on metal is to use the tool cutter. This spinning cutter forms the design by cutting out the metal. With this technique he can vary the depth of the lines to create a very finely detailed `drawing’.

He can engrave into acrylics and flat glass surfaces, as you see here in his Tall Ships and Hartlepool Business Awards trophies.  He can even warm them up and add a curve to the design after engraving.

He is the person who takes our spectacular photographs of Mark’s bespoke pieces of jewellery using his Orbitvoo lightbox toy.

It’s great to have a professional photograph of your bespoke gem, taken in his lightbox, shown in the images above.  It’s also worthwhile for insurance purposes – which we can also arrange.

Nick might enjoy `playing’ with his toys at Mark Lloyds, but he works very hard.

They say that if you work hard you should play hard.  So what does Nick do to relax?

Nick is an accomplished guitarist and plays in a band in his spare time. He loves going to music festivals whenever he can. Perhaps we’ll see him playing there some time?

Nick’s toys – guitar


Presentation pieces, or one off bespoke `surprise presents’ (like the dog broach), come in and have a chat with Nick to see how he can help to make your idea turn into a reality.

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