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Remember we told you about Mark’s gorgeous Sunstone Ring in this month’s Newsletter? 

ML1901 Sunstone

Apparently you can `pick your own’ rough stone in a gemstone holiday experience. How querky is that? 

You can stay in a tipi and mine your own gems underneath the Oregon sunshine! Click here for more info.

Obviously it takes quite a bit more tlc to turn a rough, newly mined stone into something as gorgeous as Mark’s Sunstone ring. 

Mark sourced this gem from the David Grey collection as a parcel of rough stone through the Prospector’s Guild.

More About The David Grey Collection

David’s stones come from the Dust Devil and Sunstone Butte mines in Oregon USA and they are some of the best rough stone you can get.  He’s spent the past 35 years out in the Sunstone area mining rough stones. He then skilfully breathes life into these amazing gemstones with expert carving. 

The rough stone Mark used for his Sunstone ring measured 8.25mm across and weighed 2.55ct. Mark then had it finely cut to his own specifications by an independent UK stone cutter.

Information about the Cutter

This stone was cut by Rich Dover.   Aside from being an expert in his field, Rich has his own interesting story to tell.

He had a very active life, which included kayaking and climbing mountains, before being struck down with multiple sclerosis and spinal disk perforations which severely curtailed his mobility.  But rather than bemoan his `lot’ he made the decision that he wasn’t going to let his lack of mobility stop him from doing more with his life.   He sought a hobby which wasn’t limited by his mobility, but which also stimulated his mind.

His experience as a graphic designer and his work in the printing industry, cutting in film,  gave him meticulous skills which easily transferred to cutting facets into precious gems and shaping cabochon stones.

Eventually he  developed a network of ethical sources for rough stones. At first he only sold a few finished pieces to finance the materials to enable him continue his hobby.    He opened an online community on Facebook to compare notes with other gem cutters.

He called it My Precious Gems. It continues to be a thriving active group.  The group attracted a range of hobbyists and professionals, who soon passed on the word about the fine quality of the stones Rich sold. He continues to deal only in ethically sourced stones and refuses to work with inferior quality materials. 

His Facebook community continues to thrive, and his business has also now expanded into a website.

What was intended to be a hobby to occupy a disabled man has grown into a profitable business.

Find out more about Rich and his business by clicking this link.

Mark Lloyd Originals – special, unique and soulful.

It’s worth remembering that H Lamb has long been known as `the place to go’ when you want a special piece of jewellery.  Mark Lloyd Jewellers continues to be known for quality pieces.  Before Mark made a name for himself as a talented independent jeweller he learned his trade years ago as an apprentice at Lambs.  Master Goldsmith Mark Lloyd is now a leading light in the world of independent jewellery design both at home and abroad, first as Mobeus and now Mark Lloyd Jewellery. 



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Award-winning Jewellery Designer Mark Lloyd has created many pieces of stunning jewellery and diamond rings. His reputation as being ‘the jeweller to go to when it comes to bespoke jewellery designs’ is spreading internationally.  As well as booming on line sales, .people drive from all over the uk for an appointment with ‘Mark Lloyd’.

  • Jewellery created by Mark Lloyd FIPG is made using only quality materials and carefully selected diamonds and stones.

Therefore if you want a ring that is truly bespoke, a collaboration with Mark Lloyd to create your very own dream ring can be a very rewarding experience.

Follow this link to book your free 30 minute consultation to speak to Mark about your options.  

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