We have our very own Jewellery Repairs Centre. This is where we create specialist pieces and carry out jewellery repairs and services.

Repair Centre…

With over 29 years of experience, we can take care of all your jewellery repairs on site at our Jewellery repair centre. Over the years we have been trusted with the repair of Mayoral chains and many other valuable pieces of Jewellery and Collectable items.

At our Jewellery repairs centre in Hartlepool, we understand that each customer’s piece of jewellery is precious no matter what the intrinsic value is. We always explain to customers any lead-time involved with their repairs. When it comes to quality and cares for our customers our service is second to none.

If it’s fixable will can fix it!

Hartlepool Jewellery Repair Centre

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings all can be repaired or even fully refurbished. We get asked to carry out many chain repairs and catch repairs. We can repair earrings, replace fittings or even change them from studs to drop earrings the choice is endless.
With our state of the art LASER welder, it enables us to carry out jewellery repairs which were previously unfixable.

If it just needs a good clean and polish, pop along to our repair centre and we can get it cleaned and looking good again for you.

Ring Repairs Hartlepool…

Ring repairs are one the biggest things we are asked to do on a daily basis. We carry out many different types of ring repairs such as:

  • Ring sizing
  • Wedding ring re-sizing, making wedding rings larger or smaller
  • Repairing wedding bands
  • Repairing breaks in rings
  • Replacing claws in rings
  • Stone replacing
  • Sourcing stones, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, cubic zirconias, emeralds etc.
  • Replacing ring shanks, building up half shanks or full shanks
  • Polishing & cleaning of rings
  • Ring restoration
  • Ring remodelling
  • Rhodium plating rings “ otherwise know as white gold plating or ring dipping

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