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  • Artist of the Month – Rachel Laycock
  • Gemstone of the month – peridot
  • How to clean your peridot
  • Another selection of Mark’s bespoke pieces.
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Glass Artist Rachel Laycock

Rachel has been a good friend of Mark and Michelle for many years.  We are delighted to be showcasing her work in the Gallery at Mark Lloyds Jewellers.

Rachel in her own words:

“I established RachelGrettonGlass in 2004.  I specialise in kiln formed glass, creating sculptures for private and corporate commissions, artist residencies and site-specific installations.


Rachel currently has an exhibition at Hartlepool Art Gallery.  

She says her exhibition `Note To Self’ is a meta-perspective of her experience with postnatal depression.

 “I am interested in the ways that we can make and remake ourselves by creating objects out of our lived experience.”

“In my work I use writing to heal, turning scribbles and negative thoughts into pieces of sculpture, all as a way of escaping and taking control of the moment, trying to define the intangible.”

“I suffered with PND with all three of my children. It’s something you can’t control. I now feel I have finally stepped outside of the fog, looking at it rather than being consumed by it.”

“The process of writing and creating sculptures really helped – creating glass pieces is very therapeutic, releasing thoughts that I could never talk about. I completely believe my work helped get me through…

I hope this exhibition can raise awareness of PND, anxiety and depression, make people aware they are not alone, signpost people to professional help or even inspire a new process to manage thoughts.”

Rachel has worked as a freelance glass artist for over nine years.  As well as exhibiting widely throughout the North East she is also a lecturer and has delivered many workshops. 

Three years ago she embraced a new chapter in her career when she founded her business Bloominart with her good friend Emma Wheetman.  They deliver creative workshops using mediums such as ceramics, textiles, printmaking and sculpture to encourage young people to explore their creativity.

She’s passionate about the importance of the arts in education.  Their work with young people develops important life skills: it encourages  confidence, decision-making, inventiveness, communication and leadership skills.

Click here to find out more about Bloominart.

She and Emma are also the organisers for Hartlepool’s hugely successful community event The Wintertide Festival. More details of which you can find by clicking here

If you would like to see some of Rachel’s work pop down to Mark Lloyd Jewellers and Gallery – and don’t forget her exhibition at Hartlepool Art Gallery.


Pronounced with a silent `t’ peridot has been the official birthstone for August since 1912.

Often confused with emeralds, peridot is one of the few gems which only comes in gorgeous green.  I particularly like the lime green shade of the peridot, though its colour density can range from lime to olive green.

It is formed deep inside of the earth, often coming to the surface in volcanic eruptions.  You can see why it is associated with the goddess of fire and volcanos.  Peridot is often found in meteriorites so the peridot in your jewellery could  have travelled a distance of light years from another solar system years to get here, which makes it very special indeed.

Peridot has been valued throughout history:  priests in ancient Egypt wore it to keep their minds free from envious and jealous thoughts and pirates wore peridot amulets to protect them against evil.  When set in gold it is said to ward off night terrors.


This gorgeous 18ct yellow gold and diamonds peridot ring (our gemstone for the month of August) was a special commission piece for a client. She bought a ring that looked exactly like this some years ago in Greece.  Sadly it was looking very much the worse for wear; the original peridot was lost and what remained of the old ring was beyond repair.  It was of great sentimental value so Mark suggested that he could make a replica of the ring for her, which he did.

Needless to say the client was absolutely thrilled with the end result pictured here! 


Professional cleaning at Mark Lloyds for a 9ct yellow gold ring can cost as little as £25, but if you want to keep on top of keeping your peridot looking good at home, you can do so without any hassle.  Just soak your ring in a bowl of warm soapy water for around 15 minutes, then brush gently with a soft brush, a toothbrush would be perfect.  After this dry with a lint free cloth.  That’s all!

A Word of Caution – make sure you use a bowl. Be very careful.  Many a gem has been lost down the sink as a result of home cleaning.  At least if you wash it in a bowl you can be sure your gem isn’t lost for ever!

Take care if there are other gemstones in your jewellery as these may need different kinds of cleaning care!

Mark Lloyd Originals – special, unique and soulful.

As you probably know, H Lamb has long been known as `the place to go’ in Hartlepool when you want a special piece of jewellery.  Mark Lloyd Jewellers continues to be known for quality pieces.  Before Mark made a name for himself as a talented independent jeweller he learned his trade years ago as an apprentice at Lambs.  Master Goldsmith Mark Lloyd is now a leading light in the world of independent jewellery design both at home and abroad, first as Mobeus and now as Mark Lloyd Jewellery. 


and finally …


When was the first recorded diamond found?

a)     South Africa

b)     Brazil

c)     India

d)     China



c)     India.  The first recorded diamond ever found was in the 4th century. For around 1,000 years India was the only source for diamonds.  It wasn’t until the 18th century that important mines were discovered in Brazil and South Africa.



Olympic Gold Medals are made mainly from:

a)     Gold

b)     Silver

c)     Bronze




b)    Silver.  The last Olympic Gold medals to be made of solid gold were awarded in the 1912 Olympic Games.

Today’s gold medals are mainly made from silver! The only requirement is that they must contain a minimum of 6 grams of gold plate.


You’ve got to feel sorry for American Olympic Winners.  My Internet search reveals they have to pay a `Medal Tax’. In 2016 it would have cost a gold medal winner $9,900, a silver medal winner $5,940 and $3,960 for a bronze medal winner. 

Keep looking in our shop window and cabinets to find our extra special `yellow dot’ offers!


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Rachel is currently exhibiting at Hartlepool Art Gallery

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