MARK LLOYD’S JUNE NEWSLETTER showcasing his Sunstone ring

Mark’s Sunstone ring


  • Information  about this month’s feature on Titanium and Black Zirconium   jewellery
  • Artist of the Month 
  • Gemstone of the month – pearl
  • A new Mark Lloyd ring from David Grey’s Sunstone Collection
  • How to clean your pearls
  • Another selection of Mark’s bespoke pieces.
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A quick mention about one of our blogs last month.  Just in case you missed it it’s worth taking a look at our feature about Titanium and Black Zirconium.  They are extremely durable and hypoallergenic.  If you are cautious about wearing precious metals Titanium and Black Zirconium would be ideal for you.   

Click on the this link, which will take you directly to our blog, to find out more.

mark lloyd silver and black zirconium spinner ring

One of the rings Mark created for a delighted client this month was this gorgeous silver ring with a black zirconium spinner.


RUTH WISEMAN Independent Jeweller


Ruth is based in Nottinghamshire, which is where she creates her handmade bespoke, custom made silver and gold jewellery.  She also offers individual tuition in her workshops.

Ruth doesn’t have a website but she does have an active Facebook page which you can find by clicking on this link:

Also we have lots of her work in stock at our shop on York Road, Hartlepool. So why not pop in and see us?


I’m sure you know that the pearl comes from an oyster.  But did you know that it’s the only gemstone which is created by an animal? Of course, you might think that coral is the exception to this rule, but no, coral is actually a community of animals which  together form coral?

Other gemstones usually have to be cut and polished after they are mined, but the pearl’s beauty requires no processing.

Pearls have always been associated with love.  The Romans adored pearls; they believed them to be the tears of joy wept by Aphrodite when she found true love at last.

Pearls were so prized that in ancient Rome only rulers were allowed to adorn themselves with pearls. It’s quite surprising that as recently as the days of the British Empire only royalty were allowed to wear them.

Pearls can come in many colours: white, pink, lavender, black,  golden, natural blue akoya or even muticoloured.

Spiritually, pearls are said to promote wisdom, good luck and calm.


Pearls are quite delicate and can lose their lustre if they are not given a bit of simple tlc.  

The main point to remember is not to bring your pearls into contact with chemicals.  Put them on last; after you have used products such as deodourant, hair spray, perfume.

Never use jewellery cleaner on your pearls; just a soft cloth dipped in a bit of mild, soapy water will be fine.

Check them periodically to ensure they don’t need to be restrung, or have your jeweller check them for you.

After wearing and before putting them away wipe them gently with a soft cloth. Keep them away from other jewellery, perhaps in a soft bag, or the box they came in, as gems can easily scratch their surface.  

Our BIG NEWS for June’s Newsletter is about …


ML1901 Sunstone

This exciting sunstone and diamond ring was commissioned for a client who wanted `something amazing for a very special occasion’. Mark sourced the gem from David Grey’s Sunstone Collection.  We will be doing a little blog about David Grey and his company Prospectors Guild later, but if you would like to find out more please follow this link to his Facebook page:

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Mark was commissioned to make two rings from the client’s late mother’s jewellery; one for her and one for her daughter.  The ring was given to her daughter as a surprise and she was absolutely delighted . She wrote a lovely testimonial in our guest book:

“…speechless, stunning ring. Best thing I could have asked for.  A great 18th birthday present.”

Thank you so much for giving us such a great testimonial on Facebook. Her mother was also so pleased she told everyone on Facebook:

“… they are amazing!!!The craftsmanship and design is amazing. Also I would definitely recommend Mark and his team.”

Thank you so much for these brilliant testimonials!

… and finally …


Approximately how many oysters would you need before you found one pearl?

a)   1   b) 10   c)  100 d) 1000 e) 10,000


e) 10,000


What happens to pearl oysters around their third birthday?

a)  They die

b) They change sex 

c) They mate


b)  All oysters are born male.  They turn into females around their third birthday.


How heavy is the biggest pearl ever found?

a)  3.4oz   b)  3.4 lb   c) 3.4kg  d) 34kg


d) 34 kg

It was found by a fisherman off the coast of Palawan Island in the Phillipines around ten years ago. When he finally took it off his shelf, where he had been keeping it for good luck, it was sold for £76 million.

Mark Lloyd Originals – special, unique and soulful.

It’s worth remembering that H Lamb has long been known as `the place to go’ when you want a special piece of jewellery.  Mark Lloyd Jewellers continues to be known for quality pieces.  Before Mark made a name for himself as a talented independent jeweller he learned his trade years ago as an apprentice at Lambs.  Master Goldsmith Mark Lloyd is now a leading light in the world of independent jewellery design both at home and abroad, first as Mobeus and now Mark Lloyd Jewellery. 



Contact us for more information. We’d be glad to help!

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Book a FREE 30 minute consultation with Mark Lloyd FIPG

Award-winning Jewellery Designer Mark Lloyd has created many pieces of stunning jewellery and diamond rings. His reputation as being ‘the jeweller to go to when it comes to bespoke jewellery designs’ is spreading internationally.  As well as booming on line sales, .people drive from all over the uk for an appointment with ‘Mark Lloyd’.

  • Jewellery created by Mark Lloyd FIPG is made using only quality materials and carefully selected diamonds and stones.

Therefore if you want a ring that is truly bespoke, a collaboration with Mark Lloyd to create your very own dream ring can be a very rewarding experience.

Follow this link to book your free 30 minute consultation to speak to Mark about your options.  

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