Rhodium Plating can totally transform your old jewellery making it look new again.

Rhodium Plating…

Rhodium plating is a finish that is applied to all white gold. It will look exactly the same on the cheapest and most expensive of rings, as you are seeing the reflective brilliance brilliant white colour of the rhodium plating and not the true colour of the metal below. In time the rhodium plating will wear off and the true colour of the metal will now be visible.

Transforming Your Yellow Gold Rings With Rhodium Plating

You can totally transform the look of a yellow gold ring with Rhodium plating. Or make an old ring tired white gold ring look totally new again.

Making White Gold Look New Again With Rhodium Plating

With cheap white gold, this will be seen as a yellowish creamy white colour which will be very noticeable. With palladium rich white gold you may not even be aware that the rhodium is starting to wear as the colour difference underneath will not be as evident.

On most white gold jewellery and a lot of silver jewellery….

Rhodium plating is on most white gold jewellery and a lot of silver jewellery. What people do not realise is that it slowly scratches off revealing the original colour of the metal.

At Mark Lloyd Jewellers we can transform the look in one day if you book in the job first. Our process involves removing as much of the old rhodium plating and possible. We then polish the ring and replate it with our electroplating machine. The end result is a ring which looks brand new, just like the day you bought it. We get many customers bringing in their rings to be replated especially before a big night out so they have a lovely new sparkle.

Unlike many other places at Mark Lloyd Jewellers you don’t have to wait for weeks for this to be done. We carry out the rhodium plating at our own repair centre.

Currently, our prices are just £45  per ring.


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