Jewellery is my passion, something I have loved for many years. I get to do what I love, create things other people love and produce memories and special moments that form part of people’s everyday lives.

I’m so very fortunate to be in a position to share so many special moments with my clients. I take on every project with care and attention to detail and nothing gives me greater pleasure than hearing back from clients whose lives I’ve touched.

Please take a peek at some of my most recent feedback below…

After agreeing to marry me, Trudi just couldn’t find a ring that was ‘The One’. We searched everywhere for a vintage style ring that was just right, just perfect for our engagement, but there was nothing that shone, sung, and worked its way into her heart.

Then we decided to take an idea to Mark, to see if a rose could be made, using a mix of various golds, with a deep ruby nestled in petals of gold. Mark admitted that it would be a challenge – that he hadn’t done anything quite like it before.

We waited, Trudi’s finger feeling bare for a while, trying to hold off news of the engagement until the ring was in its rightful place. Then the ring was ready.

It was absolutely, and without any shred of doubt, absolutely stunning. It was perfect in size, the ruby nestled by the leaves of the rose, knowing that Mark had managed to use gold of sentimental value magnified the emotions that had been sparked by Marks outstanding craftsmanship.

The ring has been shown to people countless times, with many, many comments with regards to its uniqueness and beauty. We are constantly asked who made it and we are always proud to say it was Mark and thoroughly recommend his outstanding skill and craftsmanship.

Mark Lloyd at Mobeus Jewellers, Hartlepool really brought the design I had for an engagement ring to life. Luckily my fiance loves it just as much as I do. Thank’s Mark!

I dreamt of an engagement ring that would be in two halves and also work as wedding bands for years. The ring went through several drastic design changes before ending up looking very much like the ring that had influenced my dreams but I had forgotten I had seen until my brother pointed out he had shown me them years ago. If you’ve ever seen Hannah Lamb’s Coastline ring collection then you will know the similarities.

The pattern that separates/joins the two rings is not a coastline , it is the route one would take to travel from my fiance and I’s home in Newcastle upon Tyne to her parent’s home in Milton Keynes. This is where she is originally from but stayed up here after University to be with me and I am eternally grateful for that decision.

Hi Mark

Just thought I would drop you a line firstly to say a big thank you for making our wedding rings, they are truly very special to us, and giving us the opportunity to excite and inform those folks out there looking for something wonderful.

We both felt that we would like something different and bespoke for our wedding rings and set off on the net to find an independent north east jeweller, Mark’s website came up full of information and excellent photos of his own fabulous range, I noticed that he also made items for commission.

We arranged an appointment and took the short trip to his shop where we were made to feel very welcome. Taken into Marks studio to chat about his background and for him to get to know us a little, also to get a feel of what we wanted and any special requirements needed.
Turns out that both Trev and Mark are drummers, shall I say a meeting of minds!
I only had a vague idea of what I wanted and Mark talked us both through ideas and materials for both rings, how we wanted them to look (not to look) and making rough sketch’s until we were all happy.

A few weeks later  we went to pick them up, Trev was very confident but I must say I was a little concerned that I may not like it! I shouldn’t  have worried they were both gorgeous, very high-quality workmanship and a perfect fit.  We haven’t yet had the wedding but I just can’t resist opening the boxes to look at them, Mark has made something very special and individual for us both and I would happily recommend him to anyone.

Trev and Lesley

You exceeded our expectations and helped us finalise an idea that was difficult for us. That was the transformation of our Daughter’s engagement ring, into a ring that not only complements my wife other rings but just looks fantastic.

This design would not have been achievable if you were not such a great bloke who is not only a master craftsman but has a passion to deliver “Simply the Best”

Thanks for visualising and delivering on our wishes & a massive thank you for all your help

Des & Margaret

It is a real pleasure to provide a testimonial for Mark. I was looking to have my diamond engagement ring remodelled: this involved replacing an existing central diamond with a larger diamond from a ring bequeathed to me by my mum – a project with immense sentimental value. I wanted to deal with a local jeweller rather than having to send my rings back and forth through the post to some anonymous person.

An Internet search for ‘jewellery alteration North East’ quickly led me to and I was particularly impressed with the extensive gallery of photos of the creative and specialist work he has done. I made contact with him by email and received a speedy and ‘can do’ response.

My husband and I then made an appointment to visit Mark at his shop – he gave us his undivided attention for what transpired to be an hour, discussing many different options with patience, humour, and warmth.

We left his shop with complete confidence that he would deliver a superb result. Having booked the work into his schedule, we dropped off my rings one Wednesday lunchtime and Mark told us that the ring would be ready from Saturday lunchtime.

I must confess to having butterflies when I arrived – we knew that this had been a tricky job as my ring needed to be built up to carry a larger diamond while ensuring that it sat perfectly between my wedding and eternity rings.

My butterflies were uncalled for: Mark has done an outstanding job – the finished result is absolutely exquisite and it is impossible to tell that the ring has been modified. It is difficult for me to express my gratitude to Mark for his friendliness, efficiency, and expertise.

We cannot recommend him highly enough. – Mr & Mrs Motley, Yarm

Dear Mark

Thank you once more for crafting such a beautiful eternity ring for us. Little did we realise that when we first walked through your door two and a half years ago, we would be undertaking such a fulfilling creative and collaborative journey with such a like-minded group of people. The ‘pre-loved’ ring we purchased from you that day was nothing like what we had set out to buy to mark our engagement. But it became the catalyst for a creative process that ran in tandem with a very special time in our lives and has produced a beautiful and distinctive set of rings that reflect and remind us both of that special time and how it continues on to the present. The final piece of our triumvirate looks simply stunning sitting atop the engagement and wedding rings we bought from your previously. The pink and white diamonds set in a rose gold band shaped to perfectly slot above the engagement ring cap off a set of three rings that are as distinctive as they are beautiful.

The quality of your craftsmanship and skill is beyond doubt and anyone visiting your website will get an idea of that. However, there is no substitute for seeing in real-life the calibre of your work and the materials you use which are exemplary. Furthermore, online sites can’t capture the personal experience of a visit to your shop. Whenever we have visited we have always ended up in impassioned conversations about jewellery and jewellery pieces with either yourself or your incredibly helpful staff. This is a testament to how jewellery is so much more than a commodity that you are exceptionally good at making and selling. It’s something you care about and each piece means something special. That level of personal care and genuine investment is something very special and sadly rather rare in today’s heavily commercialised retail climate. It is no surprise that is reflected in the quality of the work you do as a jeweller and the work your staff do as retailers. Anyone choosing to purchase jewellery from you is not just getting something that is of the highest quality in jewellery terms but also an experience that gives the jewellery even more significance.

I hope your business continues to thrive and I wish you every success for the future. Thank you for producing such beautiful jewellery for us.

Our very best wishes,

Paul & Tricia (Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne)

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