“I’d envisaged our wedding rings before we got married, but didn’t know if we’d be able to make them a reality.  A friend had had family rings melted down to get wedding rings made for her son and daughter-in-law, and that seemed like a lovely idea, as I had lots of rings from my parents, grandparents and other family members that otherwise just lay in drawers.  I asked a local friend if she knew any good, creative jewellers, and straightaway she recommended Mark.

When we went to see Mark for the first time it was great – he listened carefully, examined the rings we had, worked out what was possible and used my original design as the starting point.  We wanted rings representing our handfasting, with intertwining bands, along with a Celtic design echoing our Border Reiver heritage and the ‘Festival gold’ pattern of my mother’s wedding ring – and Mark really ‘got it’.  We’d left things a bit late, but he calmly reassured us that the rings would be on time.

All through the process (which was amazingly fast) Mark kept in touch with us and inspired our trust, and also kept a log of photos of different stages in the creation of our rings, which he used to create a wonderful presentation which we were able to show people at our wedding reception.

When we collected our rings, the week before the wedding, we were overwhelmed.  They are beautiful, unique, original, admired by all, and just what we wanted – although we couldn’t really have imagined we could have what we wanted!”

Judith & Anth Milburn

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