There is no substitute for seeing in real-life the calibre of your work and the materials you use which are exemplary.

Dear Mark,
“Once again, I must apologise for the length of time it has taken for me to provide the following testimonial.  However, your website has continued to expand and improve.  So our following endorsement will hopefully be more of a welcome addition than a vital necessity.
Thank you once more for crafting such a beautiful eternity ring for us.  Little did we realise that when we first walked through your door two and a half years ago. That we would be undertaking such a fulfilling creative and collaborative journey with such a like-minded group of people.
The ‘pre-loved’ ring we purchased from you that day was nothing like what we had set out to buy to mark our engagement.  But it became the catalyst for a creative process.  Which ran in tandem with a very special time in our lives and has produced a beautiful and distinctive set of rings.  These rings reflect and remind us both of that special time and how it continues on to the present.
The final piece of our triumvirate looks simply stunning sitting atop the engagaement and wedding rings we bought from your previously. The pink and white diamonds set in a rose gold band.  Which are shaped to perfectly slot above the engagement ring cap off a set of three rings that are as distinctive as they are beautiful.
The quality of your craftsmanship and skill is beyond doubt and anyone visiting your website will get an idea of that.  However, there is no substitute for seeing in real-life the calibre of your work and the materials you use which are exemplary.
Furthermore, online sites can’t capture the personal experience of a visit to your shop. Whenever we have visited we have always ended up in empassioned conversations about jewellery and jewellery pieces with either yourself or your incredibly helpful staff.  This is a testament to how jewellery is so much more than a commodity that you are exceptionally good at making and selling. It’s something you care about and each piece means something special.
That level of personal care and genuine investment is something very special and sadly rather rare in today’s heavily commercialised retail climate. It is no surprise that is reflected in the quality of the work you do as a jeweller and the work your staff do as retailers.
Finally, anyone choosing to purchase jewellery from you is not just getting something that is of the highest quality in jewellery terms, but also an experience that gives the jewellery even more significance.
I hope your business continues to thrive and I wish you every success for the future. Thank you for producing such beautiful jewellery for us.”
Paul & Tricia (from Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne)

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